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Anxiety Causes and Natural Treatments For Generalized Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a sudden, intense fear that is often unwelcome and can be very intense. It can occur to anybody, but most often affects those who are relatively young, middle aged, female, male, and certain minority groups. Anxiety disorders are now a very real medical problem that impact millions of individuals worldwide.

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The medical name for anxiety is generalized anxiety disorder and it is often accompanied by physical sensations such as shaking, nausea, muscle tension, dizziness, headaches, stomach problems, diarrhea, sweating, hot flashes, and trembling. The physical symptoms resulting from anxiety include chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations,

or trouble swallowing. These symptoms are brought about by the fight-flight response which has been activated due to perceived danger. This physiological reaction releases hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol, and serotonin. Over stimulation of these hormones can cause the person's heart rate to increase and blood pressure to increase.

Anxiety and depression are both mental health conditions that co-occur and they can be very serious. They both lead to increased stress levels, which can result in high blood pressure,

increased cholesterol levels, and other serious ailments. In some cases, anxiety disorders may also lead to such things as eating disorders, self injury, substance abuse, and suicide.

If someone you know or yourself is showing signs of anxiety, then you should seek treatment immediately. There are many natural treatments available that are known to help treat anxiety and the sooner you seek help, the better.