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Storris Anxiety Depression Schizophrenia

Are you suffering from any medical problem?

Is your body struggling to recover?

It is a sign that the energetic fields in your body are blocked.



Which is on top of the Bosmat Tube.

This way, through energetic release,

The body begins to release

All the blocked areas

In the energetic fields throughout the body,

And this is, in fact, what enables the body

To create a process of healing,

In a way it has been blocked from before.

It is known that the problematic areas in the body

Can be released only through a command from the brain,

And this is why it is important that the Bosmat Tube

Will be under the pillow,

Which is the area

Closest to the brain,

And the Medulla,

Which is responsible

for all the unconscious commands

Given to the body.