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Severe depression - boys are more vulnerable

A recent recent study indicates that the vast majority of suicides in the United States are committed by adolescents and adolescents. This is not surprising to anyone who has ever suffered from depression or anxiety.

While the boys do exceed the number of girls in numbers, there is no reason why the women should not exceed the number of boys in the number of suicides. What's a little more interesting is that whites actually have one of the highest suicide rates of any race in the world. This study comes at a time when the state is intensifying what it sees as an outbreak of school shootings.

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In the United States, about five percent of all people suffer from psychiatric disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder. While some sufferers of these conditions may over time continue to be healthy and live happy and productive lives,

a large percentage will commit suicide over time. The finding that my son is twice as likely to commit suicide as girls is a bit of a shock for most people. However, there are explanations for why there is such a large sexual difference in psychiatric disorders that are not known today.

One thing that is known about psychiatric disorders is that they are often chronic and sometimes require ongoing treatment. Then the person will be much more likely to live a long and productive life. There is evidence to suggest that there is a genetic component to certain forms of depression. For this reason, if your parents had severe depressive symptoms,

you probably will too. While there are many other reasons why there may be a gender difference in psychiatric symptoms, one thing is for sure; There is a lot of attention paid to the issue of depression and suicide and the results are quite clear.