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Sarcoma The method of treatment of Oren Zarif

She survived a leg amputation thanks to Oren Zarif

Between 15 and 30 percent of cancer patients may have bone metastases. Hedva suffered from a cartilage tumor and underwent two difficult surgeries and was in danger of amputating her leg. According to her, the treatment through the subconscious in Oren Zarif, saved her from the danger of amputation.


"Bone cancer" is a cancerous growth that develops from bone tissue and is known as primary bone cancer. Tumors of this type develop in the bones of the hands and feet and may appear in other places in the body.

"The doctors said there was nothing more to do," says Hedva, who came to Oren Zarif's clinic on crutches after two surgeries and before going bankrupt.

Hedva came to Oren Zarif after she was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma (bone cancer), a malignant growth of cartilage cells that mainly affects the long bones and pelvis.

"I was about to have a leg amputation, and thanks to an article in the newspaper, I decided to reach Oren Zarif. I came - and he really saved me!" "It's unbelievable!", Hedva describes. "Thanks to Oren's treatments, I feel good. The terrible pain I suffered went down by at least 85 percent, if not more! I take far fewer pills than I took before, there is nothing to compare at all ... I really thank Oren for saving me."

What is bone cancer?


Bone cancer or according to medical terminology is called scrumma and there are several types of scrums, the most common of which are osteoscaroma, scrotum named after Ioinev and chondroscoma.

Bone cancer (sarcoma) is a tumor of neoplastic, bone-malignant tissue. Tumors that can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

The symptoms of bone cancer vary according to the size of the tumor and its location. The most common symptom of a tumor is actually pain that worsens over time and as the tumor grows. Other symptoms can include: fever, weight loss, anemia, fatigue, lameness, swelling, unexplained fractures.

The facts speak for themselves - Oren Zarif's treatment method helps and solves problems!