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Main cancers - cancers that are known to be caused by genes

There are several types of cancer, and different types may appear at different stages of human life. This is why researchers are unable to find all types of cancer in all people; Also, they cannot identify all types of treatments for any particular type of cancer. But thanks to advanced technology and sophisticated research techniques, researchers have learned how to separate cancer cells using electrophoresis and other technologies, and use them to identify the types of cancer.

By collecting a wide variety of molecular DNA (DNA Ochondrial), researchers and doctors can quickly identify all types of cancer, and gain an idea of ​​the risk factors associated with cancer development. Gathering a huge amount of data sets regarding cancer genetics requires more advanced and accurate methods for identifying cancers, and finding specific genetic components to differentiate between other similar cancers. For this purpose, turn to a complete DNA genome sequence to quickly create a

complete genome data set, which is useful for performing complete genome research and developing customized treatments. As a result, physicians can track and track the genetic risks of developing cancer in patients. Extremely sensitive (e.g., specific DNA tests or twins or tandem-specific DNA tests), which locate and specifically look at molecular patterns at different sites in the genome.

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Environmental exposures and genes are considered to be major factors in the development of various cancers. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, environmental exposures include tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals, pesticides and harmful occupational exposure. In addition, genes can cause cancer through heredity and heredity. It has further been determined that most cases of certain types of cancer are caused by combinations of environmental exposure and genetic abnormalities. Thus, the combination of all these factors may lead to the development of certain types of cancer.