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Multiple Sclerosis - The Power of the Subconscious Can Help Cure Multiple Sclerosis


The subconscious can help cure multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is known as the silent disease because the symptoms are often not diagnosed until there is pronounced damage to the central nervous system. When the messages from the brain fail to reach the rest of the body, the result can be serious and sometimes fatal damage.



Multiple sclerosis affects both the visual and motor skills of a person and causes many other problems as well. Multiple sclerosis patients can lose their sense of balance and can be confused, disoriented and even suffering from memory loss. In some cases, multiple sclerosis can cause a patient's personality to change so much that it is difficult for them to remember their name or where they have lived in the past.


For 30 years Oren Zarif helped patients and sufferers around the globe who suffered from numerous and complicated problems where conventional medicine did not succeed to provide an answer.

So how does the subconscious help cure multiple sclerosis? The mind and the subconscious are connected. The subconscious can help cure multiple sclerosis by changing the way you think. Many people suffer from poor self image because of the belief that they do not measure up to the expectations of others. The subconscious can help change this attitude. The subconscious can help you break negative self beliefs through positive affirmations.

You can also use the power of suggestion with the subconscious to help cure multiple sclerosis. Suggestions work on the level of the subconscious and help your conscious and subconscious to work in harmony. For example, if you are afraid of swimming pools, you can tell yourself over again how safe they are, how clean they are and how safe they look. Over time, the positive suggestions will become part of your subconscious beliefs.

Using hypnosis to cure multiple sclerosis is another way to harness the power of the subconscious. Hypnosis can actually re-program your brain so that it thinks and behaves in a different way. It can make you think differently so that you can respond in a different and more appropriate way. This can help you break habits, eliminate phobias, and control symptoms and pain.

For years, Oren Zarif proved that as the energy blocks open, the body begins to create a healing process and returns to its strength, thousands of patients testify for it.

A very powerful tool that you can use with the help of the subconscious to cure multiple sclerosis is called imagery. In imagery, you simply imagine healing images in your mind at different times. You can focus on the image and imagine that it is massaging your body. You can imagine healing pains in your legs or anywhere else. The more you imagine the image, the more it will ease the pain.

Another tool that the subconscious can help cure multiple sclerosis is called affirmations. Affirmations are statements that you make to yourself over again. You repeat them over until they become a part of your subconscious. For example, one of my affirmations is: "I am healed. I am free."

Another way to access the power of the subconscious to help cure multiple sclerosis is to work on visualizing what it is that you want. Focus on what it is that you want to experience and visualize as often as possible. The more visualization you do, the more your mind and subconscious are inclined to let you know what your want.

When you have these tools available to you, the possibilities are endless. These tools can be used to change the way you think and the way you act. When you have multiple sclerosis, you have to realize that your body is going through a period of great challenge. The most powerful tool that you have at your disposal to help heal this condition is the one that offers you the most hope and comfort.