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Depression Support Group Helps Adolescents Overcome Depression Pain

A study found that girls are more likely to develop severe depression at an early age (pre-teens and teens) than boys. The reason behind this gender difference is the different biological and hormonal composition of the two sexes. Girls usually have a greater amount of estrogen in their body, which causes them to have stronger depressive symptoms. On the other hand, whites have fewer amounts of estrogen in the body which further exacerbates their depressive symptoms. It has also been found that during adolescence, testosterone levels in a teenager's body rise which again leads him to experience more depressive symptoms. Although there is no direct link between the two, research has concluded that depressive symptoms are directly related to the imbalance in sex hormones in the body.

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Strong depression can cause various types of mental problems like bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, social anxiety disorder and schizophrenia. If left untreated, adolescents may free up self-use to treat their own depressive symptoms. This is a fatal decision as it seems that self can aggravate the situation.

Adolescents need an appropriate support group for depression to get rid of the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that often accompanies severe depression. A good depression support group will help adolescents overcome their depression by allowing them to connect with others who have gone through the same journey of torment and recovered from it. Support group members will provide emotional and mental comfort that helps the adolescent get rid of the depression pain faster. Proper intake of nutrients and vitamins also plays an important role in the recovery process of depressed adolescents.