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Depression Causes: Physical Problems That Can Lead to Severe Depression

Although depression can happen only once in your lifetime, individuals experiencing depression will often have multiple episodes. During these attacks, symptoms usually occur almost every day, almost every single day and can include: feelings of hopelessness, tearfulness or sadness. If you experience more than four episodes per month, then you are considered to be suffering from depression. You may also have trouble sleeping or have problems concentrating during the day as well.

There are many different causes of depression, but most experts agree that it is a result of changes in brain chemistry that leads to changes in mood, feelings of self-worth and suicidal thinking. Symptoms may come and go over time, but if depression lasts for an extended period, then it is considered to be a mood disorder or a disorder associated with major depression. However, there are many other types of mood disorders including bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder and social anxiety.

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Some of the symptoms of depression include severe tiredness, frequent bowel or bladder issues, difficulty concentrating, constant thoughts about death, being easily startled or angry, frequent anger or crying, headaches, back pain and extreme guilt. Often times, symptoms do not appear right away, and many times you won't even realize that something is wrong until serious physical problems begin to arise.

For instance, if someone in your family has suffered from depression or physical problems, then you are at greater risk. There are many people who suffer from depression, and although it can affect a person for many years before they become conscious of the problem, there are those who suffer from depression for months or even years. Unfortunately, the physical effects of depression can often outlast the mental anguish that the disorder causes, making the condition much more difficult to treat.